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In memory of E.C. Woolie, Woolie Tile Co., and a common interest in the true art of slab stonework, Douglas C. Woolie and nephew, Edward A. Sutherland, formed Woolie Stone Company in August 2003. 

E.C. Woolie (“The Bear”) formed Woolie Tile Company in the 1950’s. The Bear began working in the tile industry around the age of 12 (around 1940). In 1970, Jack Menzie owner of Menzie Tile approached The Bear about the prospect of merging the two companies. On February 3, 1972, Woolie Tile Company, Inc. merged into Menzie Tile and Terazzo, Inc. Around 1980, E.C. Woolie bought out Jack Menzie's share of the business and the name of the company remained as it was. In 1995 E.C. Woolie retired and sold Menzie Tile  to his sons. The Bear continued to consult and assist hands on until he went to be with the Lord two years later. He was a long-time member of the National Tile Contractors Association, and over the years served several rotations as a director on the board. He strived to see that newcomers in both the tile and the stone industry took the time to learn to do things right. He also believed that to do things right, it must be done right the First Time!

Doug Woolie, 55, former owner of Menzie Tile Company and Menzie Stone Company, has a lifetime of experience in all aspects of slab stonework and construction in general. His history began in the tile industry at the age of 13 working for his father E.C. Woolie (“The Bear”), owner of Menzie Tile Company at the time. Doug was given the opportunity to enter the stone market at the age of 16 when The Bear handed him a rough drawing of a marble vanity, a piece of marble and some sandpaper. Doug set to master the trade. Proven successful, Doug followed the Bear’s footsteps and grew a new stone division of Menzie Tile Company. Menzie Tile was changed to Menzie Stone in 2000. In 2003, Doug decided to keep the quality in his own family name, and Woolie Stone Company was formed. Doug continues to work “hands on” in the field to continue the true art of quality stonework and tile work. Doug also strives to see that newcomers take the time to learn to do things right. Working as a Project Consultant, with many years of experience in the construction business, Doug also evaluates projects to ensure quality remains #1 for the company.

Joseph "Wylie" Woolie, 34, grandson of E.C. Woolie, and son of Joe Woolie, began to learn the stone and tile trade at the age of 14. Working as a tile setters helper, to start, and later in the stone fabrication shop, Wylie followed in the family footsteps, and began learning the importance of quality. In 2003, after his father went to be with the Lord, Wylie decided to explore another trade in the construction industry. As he was very comfortable working with his hands, Wylie decided to learn more about wood concepts. He spent 8 years learning to make cabinets and furniture. In this time he not only learned how to construct wood products, he also learned how to properly install wood products (eg.cabinets and wood floors). In November of 2011, Wylie decided to join Woolie Stone and grow a new division of the company. The addition of wood flooring enabled Woolie Stone to provide a broader spectrum of services. Working as a Project Manager, Wylie continues to work "hands on " in the field to ensure customers are provided with only the best, top quality services.

Edward A. Sutherland, 38, grandson of E.C. Woolie, began to learn the stone trade at the age of 15 years. While working in the natural stone fabrication shop at Menzie Tile and later Menzie Stone, Ed began to learn the proper steps to complete the job start to finish. He worked at Menzie on and off through college. He graduated in May 2000 from Southeastern Louisiana University with a B.A. in Business Management. In 2003, he decided to stick to the business he knows best, slab stonework. Ed agreed with Doug and together they formed Woolie Stone Company in memory of the values of E.C. Woolie. From 2003-2011, Ed worked "hands" on in the field, ensuring that customers were provided with the highest level of quality services. In Oct 2011, due to an injury in a hunting accident, Ed is unable to perfom any "heavy lifting" required for the company's field services. Utilizing his education and experience, Ed decided leave Woolie Stone and move to the supply side of the industry. He now works for one of the most reputable natural stone & granite importers in the area.

The mission of Woolie Stone is to provide the highest level of quality construction services, at the most cost effective, and competetively priced means, all delivered, with Honesty, Integrity & Diligence.


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